About Us


Our Purpose:

PR Youth Running’s purpose
is to help kids gain self-esteem, confidence,
and daily health by learning techniques
for day-to-day life and running achievements. Building confidence through running programs
and learning how powerful a positive mind
helps in life and running.



Helping kids achieve Personal Records in self esteem, confidence, and daily health through running.


Founder and Head Coach

-Marty Bussie- 

Marty is a Certified Running Coach, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, and the founder of PR Youth Running. 

Marty believes in the value of creating open communication, maintaining a good sense of humor and seeking out all that enhances one's life. 

Health & Wellness are integral components of all Marty's coaching.  She coaches and helps runners of all levels reach their goals.  

Coaching isn’t just a hobby for Marty. Coaching isn’t a side gig. Coaching is her passion and commitment to you. Whether you want to hit a marathon best at 2:40 or 5:20, whether your 5k PR is 17:00 or 32:00, the key to improvement is in the training and the ability to stay consistent.

Marty is a long distance runner. She has been running competitively since 1993.  She currently runs multiple half marathons, full marathons, and 50K's (31 miles) every year.    As a runner, Marty strives to get the most out of her ability while having fun. Through her running  career, she has had her fair share of highs and lows. She believes that the obstacles she has faced along the way allow her to better understand what athletes go through, and ultimately making her a better runner and coach.

"I work with kids because I see the potential in each and every one of them to grow into confident successful adults. Winners are created from within! Beating their individual personal best with a new PR (Personal Record) helps them build a rock solid foundation of self-awareness and confidence." - Marty Bussie