Do you have an epic Mac 'n' Cheese or Chili recipe?

Calling All Chefs!

Chef Entry Form

Cook-Off Rules and Regulations


  1. Check In: All Chefs must check in Saturday morning between 9:30am and 10:30am.  At check-in you will receive your booth/table number. Booth/table location is selected on a first come first serve bases.  All Chefs, or a representative, must be present during the entire event.

2. Categories:

  • Chili:  Basically, you may add whatever food items you like in your chili. (eg. Traditional chili, Vegetarian chili, Green chili…)
  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese:  All mac ‘n’ cheese dishes must contain noodles and cheese. You may add whatever extras you like,  just make sure to bring your best!

3. Amount of Servings: You must bring a minimum of 2 gallons (32 cups) of your dish. You will be handing out 1oz samples to each taster (2 Tablespoons).  

4. Sanitation: Cooks are to prepare and cook their dishes in a sanitary manner prior to the event start. Bring a fully prepared/ready to eat dish to the event.  

5. What To Bring:  Each Chef will provide all ingredients, serving spoon/ladle, and any garnishes necessary to serve their dish.  You  are responsible for keeping your dish warm for the duration of the event. Limited electric outlets are available.  PR Youth Running will be providing tasting spoons and taster cups for all attendees. 

6. Contestant Booth/Table: Name your booth and your dish. Decorations are strongly encouraged and a ‘Spirit Award’ will be given to the booth/table with the most fun theme. Themes MUST be all ages appropriate.  

If you consider your dish to be Hot and/or Spicy, please identify it on a sign.  


7. Check Out: All Chefs must clean their booth/table before leaving. All Chefs must check out before leaving event. Check out is between 2:00pm and 3:00pm.  

8. Voting: Tasters/attendees vote on their favorite dish with voting tokens they receive at entry. Each chef will have a voting box at their booth. Votes will be counted about 30 minutes before the close of the event.  

9. Prizes and Perks: The top three Chili AND top three Mac ‘n’ Cheese dishes will receive a trophy and bragging rights for 1 year. All chefs will receive a complimentary event ticket and beer/wine ticket.

10. Vendor Agreement:  A vendor agreement will be emailed to the email provided on the entry  form. Vendor agreement must be signed and returned to PR Youth Running  within 72 hours of receipt. 

11. No Shows: Failure to staff your booth/table and/or provide your entered dish, on the day of the event, will result in a $100 No Show fee. Be respectful and show up!